Thursday, February 15, 2007

love day

i don't care if valentine's day
is a phony baloney
blah blah blah
of a holiday
i'll take a good old fashioned
day OFF
any time
we had ourselves a very nice "holiday"
G and i went out early and got some flowers
for jayme
lovely pink tulips
and a heart shaped pink cake
(which G carefully selected)
when J got back from running errands
we had a nice "birthday valentine" celebration
anything with cake involved has G
thinking it's a birthday party
after a bit we went out and poked around
lula-b's thriftstore
lunched across the street at ali baba
then we went and rented "the departed"
G picked out a garfield halloween
for himself
while he watched garfield
we watched "departed"
i haven't spent an afternoon watching a movie in bed
in years
it was awesome
and "the departed"
was great
after G's show was over he played with his blocks
in his room
but would come in every 15 minutes or so
to tell us about something
with a lot of finger wagging and grand pontificating
we finally made it through the movie
and decided that instead of taking G
to the grandparents
we'd all stay in and stay warm
i went out and got some teppo
to go
and then another movie
this time
"marie antoinette"
our louisiana rolls were superb
and almost fitting
as we were about to watch a movie
with king louis in it!!
we tried to turn the little guy on to
"the knights of prosperity"
with no luck
but he went down without a fuss
around 10
after the book reading nightcap
it was
as G put it
"a very guh-nice day"


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