Monday, February 12, 2007

grateful SN

last night's show with the autumn defense
was cool
a nice way for me to say goodbye
to the tea room
as they're shutting down
come march 31st
i played a couple of songs for the very first time live
"it's lonely (when you're all alone)"
soon to be released (barring label objections)
on snowing
then rich and i played
"endless dream days"
my new orbisonesque/nourallahbrothersesque tune
that i'm hooked on
that was the best moment for me
playing that new one
i had a lot of fun with it
richard did a fab job on "i'll be around"
and "snowing in my heart"
everything felt really good
and easy
touring europe all by myself
has done wonders for my self-confidence
i feel like i've improved ten-fold
i've been feeling great about playing solo
all the time
when i didn't always feel that way
another thing that helped was the audience
they were superb
you could hear a pin drop while we played
it was nice
the autumn defense sounded fantastic
like a loud hi-fi stereo
great use of the mellotron samples
very '70's mellow vibe
nice to listen too
and very nice people as well
even though there were only about 40 people in attendance
they seemed perfectly happy
and positively upbeat about the show
these guys are truly doing it out of love for the music
not for glory and fame

a cold has had me feeling really lethargic all week
and although it threatened to wreck my voice
its held up somehow
tonight i had a great practice with the noise
for our show saturday night
at the sons of hermann
we played two songs for the first time
which the noise inherited from the polaroids
both songs already sounded great
that's what musicians as good as these guys do
they make things easy
i felt very lucky tonight
and happy
to be playing my own music
with these great guys
in a beautiful environment
i took in the moment
and savoured it right up until the very last note
i felt very lucky to be me


Blogger Centuryhouse said...

Sounds great, wish I could have heard it.

I didn't realize the Tea Room was closing, is the Ball Room closing as well (ie the whole venue)?

8:17 PM  
Anonymous said...

I feel lucky to be you, too.

9:50 PM  

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