Sunday, February 18, 2007

good sunday

another day is here
another already gone
last night i played the sons of hermann hall
with the noise
we played "avenue"
and "erased" for the first times
all my friends were there (like the kinks said)
vroom and the cut-off
the L & L factory
muellar and beth
carla and dean
johnny citizen
michael and mary
and larry
and lots of others
it was a great night
it went by really fast for me
handclaps and harmonies
made everyone smile
the chemistry set
made me wish i was in their band (again)
j.b. and the revival
rocked and rolled and even asked me to sing with them
i had myself i good old time with that
maybe i've got a future
as an all-star tambourine player?
right now J and i are waiting
on grandparents Okerblom to bring G back home
from gar-plano
we're going to go down to the all-good
and have breakfast
it's a beautiful sunny sunday morning
with a slight chill in the air
the sky is blue blue blue
and i'm feeling very good
a little work today around 1pm
hopefully i'll have enough time to enjoy breakfast
whatever you're doing out there
i hope you have fun too




Blogger daniel said...

Thanks for making me smile this morning (even though this was from yesterday morning). I've been having a rough time of it lately and, no joke, you and your fam are a huge source of hope for me.

7:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sat. evening was fun for us as well. the band sounded great and SOHH is the best. thanks to you and mike for putting together a great night of music in dallas.

m & m

6:28 PM  

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