Wednesday, March 07, 2007

do it again

i've been getting only a very small taste
of what most working people go through
on a daily basis
i lived this way a few years ago
and it sucked
wake up
go to work
work all day
come home tired
it's already dark outside
get a few lean hours in with the family
go to sleep exhausted
wake up and do it all over again
and over
and over
life goes hurdling past
in a day in day out blur of routine
even when i was a kid
i knew i didn't want to live like this
part of the appeal of rock'n'roll
i watched my dad do it
and it looked to me
like it sucked

i'm only a few days into this 8 to 10
work day
and it's made me feel so grateful
that i don't have to live that way
i'm terrified of being sent back
i've had it cushy
these past couple of years
even though i work a lot in the studio
my schedule is random
(i despise routine)
i get to see J and G
a lot
i get to enjoy sunny days
i never have that feeling of crushing doom
that hung over me when i was
"working for the man"
so today i'm giving thanks again
thanks that pleasantry lane
is a hub of activity
and that i can work my ass off
these next few weeks
and pay my taxes
then take it easy for a few days
and go back to my semi-hectic
but not mindlessly brain-numbing job
i love what i do
and i'm very grateful people out there pay me to do it
i appreciate each and every one that's come over here
and made a record with me

off to work now!


Anonymous bucks burnett said...

Take it from me, a guy with a dumb job and a hateful boss, slaving away in a studio is better than...well, you already know that, don't you. I'm absolutely getting out of htis job no matter whut.

10:59 PM  
Blogger bucks burnett said...

By the way, I envy your self employement, but there's love in that envy, so it's okay.

11:09 PM  
Blogger bucks burnett said...

I'm starting a support group, Employed Anonymous. Please stage a benefit concert for us, we need your help and so much more. Please give generously so that others may quit their day jobs.

11:23 PM  

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