Friday, March 02, 2007

jazz blues

i must admit
i've been a little down this week
lot's of reasons
in 1 hour i start a 3 week tear
that's going to find me in the studio
every day
for 8 to 10 hours
i'm lucky to have the work's going to be a lot
not one day off
i'm grateful
very grateful
but a little tired just thinking about it
this week i also had to part with one of my
beloved musical instruments
it's on ebay right now
i've had it since the happiness factor days
and it's only the 2nd guitar i've ever sold
'cause i'm very sentimental about these things
so it's made me a little grumpy
but i know these things are trivial
at least i didn't lose my mom
like my friend did
and that makes me very grateful
i've been very sad for r.r.
and i don't know quite what to say to him
there really is nothing to say
when things like this happen
J touched up an old photo of her
taken in the '70s
and i saw his face in hers
it was eerie
and sad
i've also started my big
"now that i'm done with my record"
transferring the 40 plus mini dv tapes
of family and concert footage
i've recorded in the last 3 years
to dvd
the plan is to do 1 per day
for the next couple of months
watching all the memories
fly by
captured by digital taxidermy
it's made me think of a song on snowing
"days disappear"
no duh
they sure do...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hang in there, with all of the work. Be sure to do something nice for yourself each day. I mean it! I'll be checking to see that you do. :o)


3:42 PM  

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