Monday, March 05, 2007

pigs CAN fly!!!!

i must admit
i'm already looking forward to the weekend
friday night
i'm playing the all-good
all by myself
deadman will be there too
i think i'm playing after them
not 100% sure
so come early
if you're planning on coming at all
i think G and J are going to try and make this one
hopefully G will make it to the end of the show
without being ejected
saturday night
i'm playing the north by southwest festival
'cause i can't make south by southwest
missing it for the first time
in 4 years
because i'll be working in pleasantry lane
NXSW will be taking place
outside of ellum onstage
with the noise
it's an unplanned show
of sorts
confirmed at the last possible moment
the odds that my band could make it
on such short notice
were slight
but somehow it all panned out
polyphonic spree plays one band after us
we go on around 7
if you like white robes
don't miss the p.s.

the new song avalanche is still in full swing
i've been writing like a teenager
if i keep going at this rate
i might have to make record #4
sooner than later
i'm already thinking this next one
should be a more stripped down affair
a few of these songs would be perfectly suited
for a nourallah brothers reunion
as they seem to be dealing with my youth
but the odds of that happening
are probably slim to none
never say never
and i'm not saying never
who knows?
pigs can fly, right?

snowing in my heart
has finally made it to hamburg
even though the package i sent 3 weeks ago
never did
this is the 3rd one in a row
intercepted by customs
so i've decided it must be
my name
what else could it be?
i'm never sending another one to europe with nourallah
written on it
that's for sure
maybe georgie w. just had to have the new
s. nourallah cd NOW
he just couldn't wait to hear it on i-tunes
in May
i bet he's doing the hokie pokie
or playing hide the Iraqi
right now
to snowing in my heart

at least i've received 2 emails in the last 24 hours
from tapete (the german record label i'm with)
saying they love it
so i'm relieved
and excited about a possible april/may
euro release
and fall tour
nourallah family rock'n'roll vacation part deuce
please keep the good luck thoughts coming too
as the struggle to find a bigger US indie
is still underway
no word pro or con yet
from the folks i sent it off to
they're going to write soon
with enthusiastic praise

this was more of a sn news report
than anything else
weather at 10


Blogger grace vroom said...

ugh. i'll be studying for the SAT on friday, which i'll be taking the next morning. but, thanks to you, i'll probably end up daydreaming about bush listening to his nourallah tunes while playing hide the iraqi throughout the entire test. i'll most likely end up disrupting the entire room with my laughter and end up never getting into college.

i love your blog.

7:52 PM  

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