Saturday, March 17, 2007

the road

the crying dymes story does have a happy ending
at least for me
sadly left out of bryan A's fab song
"summer of '87"
there can be beauty in this life
if you hang on
don't give up
keep trying
even in the face of odds stacked against
even after years of misery
and failure
and heartbreak
and suffering
and i told anju this
but she was in too much pain
and it seemed hopeless to her
that she would ever find love
and happiness
i didn't quit
not because i'm smart
or wise
but because i'm a stubborn bastard
i wish she had been stubborn too
it still makes me sad...

i found jayme after years of searching
if i 'd moved to austin with the c.d.s
i probably wouldn't have found her
we would have never had gavin
or this life we have now
if i hadn't taken the path i took
i wouldn't be right here
where i'm supposed to be
my misdirected aggression towards denton
and the choices i made way back then
were indeed misdirected
i know that now
i just keep bagging on denton
'cause it's a joke to me now
i know it's just a place
nothing more
nothing less
it's completely insignificant
i was on a road
to get somewhere
i couldn't see it then
there was no way
it didn't matter what the stops were
deluth instead of denton
poughkeepsie instead of plano
waxahachie instead of arlington
bob could've moved to fargo north dakota
or paris texas
or reno
he was always gonna be successful
he had that drive even in '87
we were all bound to arrive at our eventual destinations
it wasn't pretty
it was hard
but i wouldn't go back
or trade my life with anyone
in the universe
i'm happy the way it worked out
it was perfect

so i do now fondly recall those days
why shouldn't i?
it's easy to forgive my past mistakes now
that i'm happy

viva la crying dymes!!!!

on jan. 30th 1998
faris bob and i jammed one more time
at pleasantry lane
and wrote "heaven is the day"
amongst a slew of unfinished
mostly comedic tunes
"heaven" ended up on the nourallah brothers cd
it was one of the best days i've ever had
playing music
i will always fondly recall that


Blogger bucks burnett said...

Also, dude, if you hadn't moved to Denton, your music collection would have 14 less records in it.

I heard an interesting spiritual theory once, something like: All those wrong turns you took, all those mistakes you made, created your regrets. But if you could see the truth, you would know that, your guardian angels and spirit guides were with you, nudging you this way and that, striving to help you find your perfect path, and YOU DID.

All the terrible imperfect things were meant for you to experience. Only the full experience of imperfection can lead to the quest for perfection. You walked into a wall, didn't you, and it hurt, and you felt stupid, and you did it again, and again. And you learned to watch where you are going, and you stopped just in time, and you hung a beautiful picture on the wall.

That time you felt stuck for so long; did you know your angels were pushing you down, with all their might, whispering for you to stay put for awhile? It was so horrible for you; but you weren't ready to move yet, and just didn't know it. And when you finally got unstuck and moved on, did you know it was the perfect time, at last, for you to do that? Your timing and choices have always been perfect, even the worst among them. Because even the worst brought you the perfect lesson for that very moment. Congratulations, you are finally at the very place you always have been; the exact perfect place for you at the time.

Something like that, anyway.

10:32 PM  
Blogger Centuryhouse said...

Very cool to read that Salim. I'm glad you're happy. It's been a long road getting there, but it sounds like the payoff was worth it.

11:16 PM  

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