Monday, April 09, 2007

warp factor 4

Thursday, April 14, 2005

we logged over 50 hours in the studio in the last 4 days
12 basic tracks have been finished
including guitars
everyone was a little crispy yesterday
we're holding up though
today i feel better
this feels kind of like rock'n'roll band camp
it seems like we've hit our stride now
the mood has lightened considerably from the week of tracking drums
i'm having a great time now
george is one eccentric
but hilarious guy
and i'll take that any day over milk toast
his roy orbison/danzig stories are hysterical
remind me one day to tell
"i'm stylin' it!!!"
i think he's got a screen play waiting to happen
so where's wes A.?
the rough mixes are sounding great
and jon brion is coming in next week
to help with overdubs
that's going to be a super-cool experience
the hours have been crazy and i miss my family
but at least the good times are rolling again


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