Wednesday, March 28, 2007

proper channels

this past month
i haven't spent a lot of quality time
with my son
i've been too busy
doing my hamster on a treadmill routine
we get a day to ourselves
i had hoped we could make it to the park
but it's another overcast morning
i'm doing my anti-rain dance
hope it works
it's part of my timberlake bit
its jayme's painting day
so the boys are on their own
until 7
J just got an amazing offer
from the magnolia theater
to display her paintings in july
that girl o' mine is on a roll
in the past 3 months she's been featured
in park cities people
(which landed me that great gig
at park place porsche)
dallas modern luxury
(her painting for art con 1 of only 2 featured)
and now the magnolia thing?
i think she's one step away
from starting to sell her work
and reach her childhood dream
of being not only a pro photographer
but also
a working artist
i'm very proud of her

yesterdays mastering session went really well
i'm going to spend some time
running around in the car today
and playing it LOUD
to make sure i'm really done with it all
i've got 4 little parcels
sitting on the ledge in my computer room
ready to fly to various parts of the country
hopefully on of them will lead to something good
i'm beginning to get ansty
about pinning down a U.S. release date
i don't like sending my stuff out to labels
it's such a miserable feeling
when they don't have the time or courtesy
to respond
pro or con
it causes flashbacks
to the MF days
when i sent them out by the truckloads
and got nothing but rejection letters
i kept every one of them
filed away in a grey metal filing cabinet
under "rejection letters" in my mom's closet
makes me think of "proper channels" from
the last happiness factor record

they threw it out
the gift they had no use for
they chucked it out
solicit it please through proper channels next time

here comes the sun
dada dada doo


Blogger grace vroom said...

no way! i blasted proper channels as i was leaving the school parking lot this afternoon and then listened to happiness factor the whole way home. i've been working super hard on my nourallah advertising...

and rooting for the new cd! and shouting lots of "yipees!" for jayme! and doing lots of anti-rain dancing!

you nourallahs are the coolest. and gavin is definitely the funniest person i've ever known.

8:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Salim new cd release thoughts

Let's see, if I had known where you were driving around listening to the new cd I could have followed you, heard it first hand instead of having to wait.

Another solution would be for me to pretend that I am a big record label exec. get you to send it to me for a review. Yes, yes I like this one. My address is......

You see there are ways to hear it prior to the release....I just have to convince you that my plots have merit.


6:08 PM  
Blogger Centuryhouse said...

Salim, how are you?

Congrats to Jayme on her art!

"Propper Channels" is great. I haven't heard it in months (little listening time lately) but it popped into my head for a whole afternoon last week. I keep catching myself 'singing' it in my head.

Daniel W.

11:04 PM  

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