Thursday, April 05, 2007

warp factor 3

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

so far we've been putting in 12 hour days
working on basic tracks
6 songs started and 10 to go
it's been a lot of fun even though the days have been pretty brutal
wearing headphones for 10 hours is a bit much!!
me lyle and matt
are set up in the big tracking room
with our own separate stations
lyle is surrounded by a bizillion pedals and guitars
plus about 10 amplifiers
he's a lanky blonde headed wacky guy
matt has 18 snare drums
6 vintage kits
and tons of cases full of stuff
m.c. is soft spoken and cool
an amazing drummer
i now know why he is LA's most highly sought-after
session drummer
he can do EVERYTHING
they both had their own techs haul their gear in
and set it up before they arrived
i have 1 bass
rhett partitioned off to the side
he's been hilarious
in great spirits
i know he's really excited about finally working on his record
i found out about some more records tracked
in the very same room we're in
it's kind of a fun assortment of rock legends...
all the rick springfield hits form the '70's
i've gotten a kick out of picturing rick belt out
"jesse's girl" in the very same vocal booth i'm staring at
fleetwod mac "rumours"
did stevie and mick do piles of blow
on the very same drab wood kitchen table we eat at?
foreigner "double vision"
tom petty "damn the torpedos"
weezer "pinkerton"
all the pat benatar hit records
mick jagger "the wanderer" (hilarious...)
this studio could be called
the double platinum factory


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