Saturday, March 31, 2007

warp factor 1

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

i had worked myself in to a bit of a "state" before my flight
yesterday morning
i think all the anxieties of the last 6 months came to a head
it was good in a way
because now i'm feeling better
LA is already raging
full on in its weirdness
we're staying in a massive apartment complex
called the oakwoods
that doesn't have one solitary vacancy
the rooms are questionably furnished
in a ramada inn sort of way
paperthin wornout tan carpet throughout
dull kitchens
equiped with dishes and everything else you need to try and survive
funny thing is
it all costs about $4000 a month
but it's not even close to posh
most the occupants are living here permanently
not visitors
lots of wanna-be child actors too
i know i'm just a slow texan and all
but the whole thing seems a bit nutty to me
rhett played the largo last night to standing room only
he was great as always
and had everyone in stitches by the end of the night
general lefler and delamatyr helped liven me up
after a day full of travel fiascos
by the end of it all i had been up for 24 hours straight
daddy lives the rock'n'roll life!
so today it's off to meet the producer george
and start "pre-production"
will we be giving birth gently?
or have it yanked out kicking and screaming?
i should have more of an idea about 6pm

thursday the wimbledons de-cheese the viper room!!!!
i'll be sure to kick tommy lee in the tattoo for you...


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