Thursday, April 12, 2007

warp factor 5

Friday, April 15, 2005

i just finished listening
to the final mastered version of "beautiful noise"
it sounded great
thank you golden mastering
i wish i could have made the session
but it wasn't to be
i'm ready to sign off on it now
almost 8 months of obsessing on this record
i'm so relieved to be finished
i'm writing from sound city
in van nuys
george says
"that's the mortal coil man
it burns really deep before it fades..."
he's got the gift of the one liners
that's for sure
"i'm stylin' it!!!!!!"
the mood is still pretty spirited here
which is good 'cause we're all really tired
rhett is cutting vocals
so i've got some time on my hands
they're grilling him good
with a tuner in between the speakers
that's a tough one
but he's taking it well
i've found that myspace is excellent
for mindless time killing
hello all my dear friends!!
i miss each and every one of you...


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