Wednesday, April 25, 2007


i've been a little under the weather
since saturday night
slowly snapping out of it
but i felt really down today
very unhealthy
like a blob
i wanted to get out and enjoy the day
take a long brisk walk with G
but i didn't have the energy
it bummed me out
we had a nice dinner with my parents
and G's cousins
then did some shopping
it cheered me up
but i've got even less energy now that we're back home
i think i'm going to turn in early tonight
i have a lot of work coming up this weekend
so i need to rest up
i'm going to be in trouble
snowing in my heart promos are coming from germany
next week
that's exciting
the cover art is nice
i think you'll like it
no american release date though
looks like western vinyl is closing up shop
at the end of this year
either that or they didn't have the heart to tell me
"your record es no good and muy stinky"
there's that nagging voice coming in again
taunting me
i'm actually feeling positive about parting ways
sad to end an almost 10 year relationship with such a wimper though
i wish i could've made brian s. a load of money
he's such a good person
and has stuck with me
and been really positive
i hope things turn around for him soon
i'm in his corner
i think this will be for the best
i just have to be patient
and stay positive
i listened to polaroid 2 days ago
with G
for the first time in ages
i must admit
i had to take it out after 4 songs
i couldn't listen to it
it's been a bad bad 2 weeks for me
in that respect
i've been freakishly self-critical
not sure why
but it sucks
and it's dragging me down
the only answer i've found is...
i wanna make my next record with billy harvey
his new one
has made me sick of everything i've ever done
it's so good
you should buy it
i've already written the songs for salim #4
i've already got a plan
to make a record
with just me and one other person
plain and simple
no more musical army
kinda like nourallah brothers
we'll see what happens

our only may show is going to be minus holt
(he's going to england with jlr - congrats new daddy rollins!!!!)
i wanted to play the granada with my friends
the damnwells
so i didn't want to cancel
apparently may 18th is the date every possible
SN guitar player is splitting town
lefler is in NYC
carter gone
duncan gone
no one left to cover
oh well
i'm sure it'll be ok but i'm really stressed out about it
gotta let go
none of these things matter
i know
rich can do steve nieve
in a heartbeat
lead keyboards
i'll be the little hands of concrete
why do i keep thinking about this show though?
in the swarming buzz of self-doubt
it feels like a musical fiasco in the making
sorry to bum you out tonight
i'll be ok soon
you know i'm just a moody little b****


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is only your internal critic that is keeping you from understanding that Polaroid is a work of genius. Remember that.

And as for the rest of your post, out here we KNOW your music will be a success. It's just a matter of putting those causes and conditions together. Keep bringing the light to us. It will all come back to you.


12:48 PM  

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