Thursday, April 19, 2007

the ghost of sadness

the ghost of sadness hangs all around
she gently drapes her long fingernails
down the front of my shirt
whispers sad sweet nothings in my ear
"remember who you lost this week? was this time last year...the 17th of april..."
i'm happy
"but the world is full of sadness"
the sun is out
"can you see all those people in pain?"
the birds chirping
"listen to their cries for help"
my son singing playfully
"what about the virginia kids?"
my life is bliss
"you'll come back to me sooner or later..."
i spend every second like it could be the last
"and it could be my boy...wait and see..."

the ghost of sadness hanging on the line
banging on the door
waiting in the wings
singing "you'll be mine again soon"
i fight her off with daylight
beat her back with major chords
switch the TV off
tune out her whispers
block out her drone
throw open the windows
and put my favorite record on


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