Sunday, May 06, 2007

lederhosen sunday

thank you for all the emails
and kind words
i had a great birthday
one of the best ever
there wasn't anywhere i would have rather been
than here
with my family

i've spent a rare slow lazy sunday with G
he's humming quietly at my feet
and playing with his robots
while i sit and type this
living room curtains open
beautiful sky pouring in
dark clouds creeping toward us
a gently muggy breeze barely moving the trees
it's been threatening to rain all day long
now G is trying to get my attention
"do you wanna watch me stand like this?"
both hands in the pockets of his camo shorts
"see look at this...can you put my lederhosen on?"
"can you get my lederhosen please?"
he's been repeating this over and over again
now for about 3 minutes
i guess this concludes this lazy sunday blog

it's lederhosen time!!!!


Blogger grace vroom said...

happy belated birthday! may is the best.

i think sundays are the best, too. and gavin is also. and so are lederhosen. you've got a lot going for you...

10:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's just a lederhosen in lederhosen land...


1:18 PM  

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