Sunday, May 20, 2007


today everything feels perfectly in its place
our lawn freshly groomed and manicured
gavin playing peacefully in his room
beds made
laundry spinning
house clean
mind serene
a nice lunch with J and G
a good exercise in the morning
the weather is sunny with a nice cool breeze
it's one of those rare afternoons when everything
is in order
i love this life we have here
it's what i always dreamt of
i can't believe i made it here
i want to stay in this place forever
why does it all have to be so impermanent?

it's been a busy year at the nourallah compound
all kinds of repairs and projects around our house
finishing records
playing shows
also the 2 busiest months pleasantry lane has ever had

sometimes i'm so caught up in doing
that i forget to notice all the good things around me
i'm taking it in today
trying to make these beautiful moments last as long as i can

i played 2 shows this weekend
and worked a lot in the studio
but i'm not worn out
i feel great
i'm doing what i'm supposed to be doing
i'm doing what i should have done when i was 21
i had the energy back then
but no matter how hard i tried
i couldn't find this life i have now
that's the way it had to be

the show at bend last night helped me
it was cathartic
it was for anju
i felt like i played and sang 1000 times better than the previous night
i felt a.g. there too
after the rockstar melodramatics that went on
behind the scenes friday night
the mellow calm of bend was just what i needed
i'd felt "robbed" at the granada
i never quite got lost in the moment
too many thoughts swirling around in my head
for me
music is supposed to be an escape from the bullshit of this world
so i hate it when that bullshit follows me into the moment
of performance
the biggest joy of the evening was seeing some of your familiar
smiling faces out there
thank you
because you saved the night
it would have been terrible without you
i wish more people had known about the anju gill benefit
but it was set up on one week's notice
maybe next time?
we have a lot of work ahead of us on that front...

i'm going to take most of the day off
and hang out with gavin
then work a bit tonight
i'm very lucky that i can do that
i hope you enjoy your weekend too




Anonymous bucks burnett said...

Just remember what a good friend told me - "I'm a human being not a human doing." Immortal words.

9:49 PM  
Blogger tania said...

aw shucks,
it was great hearing you,
it had been some time since i've been able to steal away to see you play.
i love this post,
'cause it is how i feel everyday when i go home
and am struck by the peacefulness of it
and the fact that i am playing with awesome people during the week.
i feel blessed,
and sense the impermanence of things constantly.

you were great despite the drama!
and dreaming of my future time at the PL :)

1:24 PM  

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