Friday, May 22, 2009

day 16 - Paris (part 1)

we woke up at 9
and took a long walk to the park near the Louvre
we stopped on the way and got a tuna baguette sandwich
and some pastries
we sat at a fountain and ate them
they were delicious
the weather was perfect too
sunny and 70ish
after that we walked back to our flat
all in all about 3 hours of walking
we met up with Maureen and Cody around 2
they took us to a French restaurant for lunch
G spilled hot chocolate all over his El Cotzu shirt
ruining it
after lunch we did some more walking
ended up at a huge department store
the French version of super-Target (I was told)
I wasn’t that interested in it and was tired
so Cody, G and I had a drink in the café
while M and J shopped
we decided to split up and the men went to get some food
Cody took us to an Italian place where you buy freshly made pasta and take it home to cook
it’s kinda like a specialized Central Market thing
except it was 3 times more expensive
I guess it was worth it though
the pasta was ridiculously good
we cooked it up back at our posh Spice apartment
and went to bed at 10:30 after the sun had just set


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