Wednesday, June 24, 2009

3 years

it's my 3 year anniversary on blogger
almost to the day
i just backed-up all my posts from the last year
then imported all the euro tour notes from facebook
it took me over an hour
only a drop in the bucket of loose ends i want to tidy up
i feel like there's too much to do
there aren't enough hours in the day
i'm struggling with finding peace
i'm struggling with being caught up in the doing (all the time)
we've been back now for only a month
bills and repairs are flying every which way
mishaps and things that need fixing right and left
that good ole "hamster on a wheel" feeling is back in full swing
i feel like i can barely keep up with it all
and then
at the end of the day
i'm gonna create?
sit here and write songs?
i don't have the energy most days
i've started at least 10 in the last month
but i can't find the time to finish any of them
i came back inspired
now i'm just tired
my jobs that need doing list stares up at me from the desk
french drain in front of studio to fix studio flooding problem
duplex repairs
new closet
broken shelves in the storage room
broken lock
water leak
faulty faucet
sagging gutters
drop off the Jeep
sift through the 500 gigs of junk the data recovery people gave us
oh, and buy more baby stuff
(yeah - she's on her way and needs some gear!!!)
in the back left corner of my mind
cowering behind the stack of "practical" concerns
too scared to come out
afraid someone other than me might notice
how ridiculous he is
is my "other" to-do list...
finish the salim vs. shibboleth record (am i kidding myself?)
complete the double disc delusions of grandeur outtakes cd (now i'm truly delusional)
record live at pleasantry lane 2 with the constellations (commit me please...)
the sons of hermann hall live dvd (south korea is nice this time of year for a vacation...)

so i may be feeling overwhelmed tonight
but i still know these are all relatively minor things
it's just stuff after all
it doesn't really matter so much in the big picture
a close friend of mine
someone i've known for over 15 years
is going under the knife this week
the possibility of cancer looming large
(please send out a prayer or thought for him and his family)
every single day we have on this earth
where we don't have to face things like this
are truly lucky...
so i'm also counting my blessing at 1:43am


Blogger Julian said...

Grats on 3 yrs w/ the blog, I started RSS lurking this place when I found it some DFW blog site a cpl yrs ago. so it turns out this is good marketing, b/c I never never heard your music until _after_ finding the blog.

best of luck for your friend. you're right, we are all blessed for each healthy day we get in this life.

cheers man, lookin' forward to the new tunes...

5:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

D & C heart Salim. YOU are a blessing.

7:04 AM  

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