Friday, May 22, 2009

day 17 - Paris (part 2)

considering I slept like a baby
in the ulta-comfy Posh Spice bed
I should’ve felt great today
instead I felt like 1 centavo
I guess the tour had caught up with me
the bags under my eyes
the lethargy
the feeling twice my age
what was the solution?
to do stuff…
Jayme slept only 1 hour last night (more pregnancy pains!!!)
so G and I met Maureen and Cody at breakfast in America
we hoped Jayme would go back to sleep while we were away
B in A was great
good prices and good ‘ole American style food
Gavin had buttermilk pancakes
I had a breakfast burrito
our waitress was really friendly too (which counts for something in Paris)
after breakfast we went back to our apartment
Jayme was too wound up about seeing her favorite city in the universe
to go back to sleep
she was ready to get out and go sightseeing
M and C were taking us to the famous Pere Lachaise cemetery today
we caught the underground and took it all the way to the top
so we didn’t have to struggle with the uphill walk through the cemetery
the way most tourists do
once again the weather was perfect
sunny and 70ish
we visited Oscar Wilde’s grave
and lastly, Jim Morrison
who was tucked away and surrounded by a barrier
so people wouldn’t mess with his corpse
the Doors didn’t mean a thing to me so mainly this was just an oddity to me
being in Pere Lachaise was awe-inspiring though
gravestones as far as the eye could see
made me appreciative to be here
on this beautiful day with my family
and not in a coffin stuck in the ground
walking the cemetery took several hours
after that we caught the metro (thanks to M and C’s guidance)
and stopped at a typical French bistro for lunch
I passed on eating
after lunch we did some more walking
through the busy streets of Paris
we agreed to meet up later for dinner
J, G and I then went back to our apartment
it was about 4
I laid down for a quick siesta and woke up 3 hours later
J and G were passed out by my side
although they didn’t sleep as long as I did
I felt a lot better
I took a nice Posh Spice shower
then we walked to Maureen and Cody’s flat
about 5 minutes away
we ended up eating in the basement of Mai Thai while all the other patrons
enjoyed their nice tables upstairs and outside
the food was average, the prices ok
I remain foiled by eating anything other than sweets in Paris
it seems to me anybody can open a restaurant here
provide crappy service
dull food and just because they are in wonderful Paris
people will jam pack the place
it kind of annoys me
after dinner we had a short stroll through our neighborhood
the sky was an amazing sunlit blue
G cut it short when he announced he had to go pee
so we high-tailed it back to our apartment
for bedtime


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