Sunday, June 28, 2009

sunday morning

holding your hand above the abyss
think of the things that i'm gonna miss
white swirling clouds tumble beneath our feet
i'll never forget this sunday morning...

the curse of Denton
was double broken last night
shattered even
like a Muhammad Ali knockout punch
Denton fell like Frazier
in the first round
i had a beautiful drive
at sunset
(well, as beautiful as driving through Lewisville and Coppell could be!)
the Ipod was on random
some strange almost cryptic tunes popped up
"Model Brothers" for starters
it made me sad
i thought about first going to Denton with F 20 years ago
yes, 20
it was hard not to feel a bit emotional about it all
then the Damned came on with "13th Floor Vendetta"
an old favorite of the N brothers
just as i rolled into Denton and the sun was fading on the horizon
"Death is a Star"
with Strummer's smoke addled voice whispering to me
"and i was gripped by that deadly phantom..."
my past
my phantom
so many memories
most of them painful
i ran away from this place
i vowed i'd never go back
i didn't play shows here for ages
i wrote about hating Denton
but what i really hated were the memories i associated with this place
memories of disappointment
and rejection
it felt good to be here again and be ok with it all
to not feel anything close to those feelings of old
happy that none of those things mattered anymore

my evening started with a pleasant dinner with my friends
Carla and Dean
they took me to a nice restaurant called the Greenhouse
one hour there felt like 5 minutes
over in a blink
then we drove a whopping 3 minutes back to Dan's
i love the vibe of this place
the way they have it decked out
it feels like Silverlake in LA to me
without the pretension
and Jimmy
the soundguy there
is one of the best in Texas
a Picasso of sound
the Whiskey Folk Ramblers went on around 10:30
trumpet and Spaghetti western guitar blazing
they sounded terrific
and i loved the 5 hats running across the stage!!
it got me revved up for our sessions later this week
we went on around 11:45
and surprisingly
there was a good crowd
i say surprisingly because Denton during the summer
can be rough business
i know all too well how the club crowds dry up once
school lets out
anyway - there we people
and they liked us
we played until 1am
the new Phil Spectoresque arrangement of "Love is All Around"
and "Saint Georges" were highlights for me
the crowd even asked for an encore
we play "the World is Full of People"
it was a triumphant return for sure
and well worth the wait
i don't think i'd played with a band in little D since the late '90s
rumour has it
we might be coming back in the Fall
so this could be the beginning of my new love affair with Denton...




Anonymous Anonymous said...

well said my dear friend
"none of those things mattered anymore" you have too much going for you to be dragged down by the past. love, ce

11:48 AM  
Blogger gziegler said...

You hit it out of the park last night..curse reversed. Here's to many more nights at Dan's. G and DZ.

7:49 PM  

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