Thursday, May 24, 2007

6 years!!!!

friday may 25th

jayme and i tied the knot in vegas
at the chapel of the bells
sometime around sunset
6 years ago
i can honestly say
that was the best day of my life
(other than the day G was born)

we'd opted for the camp wedding
on the vegas strip
with a bizarrely over-tanned elvis
and a grumpy white haired lady
performing the service
the chapel was wood panelling central
elvis rolled up in a pink cadillac
and sang "viva las vegas"
after the vows
while our 6 guests snapped bad digital photos
like gawking japanese tourists
i was exactly what we'd always wanted
no fuss
lots of fun
no stress from the family

jayme and i had met 9 months earlier
at 5400 live oak
we lived at opposite ends of the same apartment complex
i was there 8 months before i ever caught site of her
then one night
coming home late after a happiness factor show
in september 2000
my life was about to change...
there was some sort of costume party
in the courtyard
she was dressed as gwen stefani
tall and outrageously funny
with a straight blonde wig on
next thing i knew we were running around the building
with a bunch of people
searching for some poor party-goer
deemed the "power properties" stalker
it was kinda like keystone cops meets the beatles
"hard days night"

the next evening
another random run-in at the mailboxes
in front of my apartment
led to our first date
we've been inseparable ever since

jayme changed my life
made it a lot better
i as happy as any person could ever hope to be
i owe it all to her


Anonymous bucks said...

Was it fate or something you ate? I'm glad you had that date.

8:13 PM  

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