Thursday, May 31, 2007

it don't come easy

a beautiful rainy morning
in bed
the house dark
clouds all around
rain beating on the rooftop
the happy family
took our time coming around to meeting the day
we played with our son
listened to his rambling stories
took it easy
didn't get out of bed until 11
what a good life
i don't think i ever got to spend a morning like this
with my parents
i wonder if they know what they missed out on

excercised at noon
that's right
don't laugh
don't squint your eyes in amazement
it's true it's true
i'm doing it every day now
and i've never felt better
a revelation for me
i feel like a fool
for the sedentary life i've led
these past 10 years
oh well...
better late than never

sitting in gavin's room this afternoon
a song came in
it was the most bizarre thing
i hadn't even thought of the subject matter
or the words ever before
and BLAM!!!!!
there it was
it all came out
fully formed
like i'd tuned into some radio station
out there in space
playing this beautiful song
and all i had to do was dial it in
and steal it
it's mine now
and i'm excited 'cause it's one of the best tunes
i've written in ages
and it was so easy easy easy
i can't wait to play it for you
i promise to memorize it for one of my acoustic shows this month

they don't come easy
or good
like this one
very often

so for me late tonight
it's a cause for celebration


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes!!! can't wait to hear it!
whispers ::june 30th::


6:58 AM  

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