Saturday, July 04, 2009

an explosive 4th

we spent most of the 4th
doing nothing
G played and played
jayme stayed in bed
she hasn't been getting much sleep lately
and didn't feel up to much else
i needed a lazy Saturday
since we've been back from Europe i don't think we've had one solitary day
like this one
in the morning i finally finished the song i started in G's paris apartment video
it's called "38 rue de sévigné"
then i was on a roll
i wrote words and a bridge to a nice melody i'd been
farming since May
called "unstoppable"
i think it's a really special one
by 2pm i got around to a song i was really struggling with lyrics to
now it's finished and called "hit parade"
"for a friend" was next
it became totally obvious how to finish this one
after a month of wrestling with it
momentum is a strange thing
no matter how hard you try
you can't make it happen
it just simply has to appear
outta the blue
outta nowhere
on this lazy 4th
i was struck by crystal clear inspiration
maybe it's because i feel relaxed?
my mind was a blan slate
i had nothing on the agenda today
nothing to do or fix
no errands to run
or jobs to be done
i feel good now
and excited knowing that these songs
are now finished
and i'm happy with them
ideas on when and how to record them have also sprung up too

we're on to hang out and celebrate the 4th with the Vrooms now
i hope all of you had a good one too




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