Saturday, July 11, 2009

going back to the future

i took Gavin to see my parents today
i found some notebooks tucked away in a closet
this was scrawled in one of them
written when i was only 18
a strange, innocent glimpse at past me looking forward


in the future i would like to do the following things:

- obtain a degree in sound engineering from a major college
-move to England and try to become a successful record producer
-continue to develop my songwriting talents and hopefully start a band on the side
-fall in love with someone very special
-become successful as either a record producer or musician
-retain all my ideals, no matter what
-try not to become a hypocrite
-always do my best
-live forever!
-always be close to my younger brother
-never lose my love for music
-stay creative
-someday write truly great songs and have someone actually be moved by them
-try to do my part in being a member of this world
-never lose my opinions on anything
-always be in love with life
-learn to actually communicate with people
-have a positive effect on as many people as i can
-never be greedy
-accomplish something worthwhile by the time i die
-never have any regrets


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is precious and beautiful
(just like you :-)

8:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


i believe you have accomplish
these goals with the exception
of moving to england. for our
selfish point of view, stay in
dallas my friend!


6:36 PM  

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