Tuesday, July 07, 2009

the party

"you're not really going to that idiotic party, are you?' jayme said
as i leaned in to kiss her on the cheek
"yeah...i guess i am..."
my family looked so sweet cuddled up on the bed together
watching TV
i should've put my pajamas on right then and there
and blown off the idiot party
but i didn't...
when we pulled up to the house
the thump thump of hip hop was going strong
it kinda looked like one of those frat parties
i drove past in college
but never actually attended
a dilapidated 2 story house
with lot's of people milling about on the porch
and in the driveway
surely there was a keg or two in the kitchen
but i never made it that far
we gingerly walked up the driveway
thank god it was dark there
"no way i'm stepping a foot inside that house" i thought to myself
i don't often get like this
at least not anymore
but i felt misanthropic all of a sudden
i was uncomfortable
and agitated
"hey man, you should go inside and check out _____ in a bit
they're a great hip hop act"
"i hate hip-hop" i stated
listening to myself utter those words made me feel like a grumpy old man
but then i thought
even when i was a grumpy young man
i hated hip-hop
it's just not my bag
it's party music to me
it's perfect for frat parties
like this one
and i'm not a frat fucking party kinda guy
so the bump bump and thump thump continued
and some guy in the window with a mic and his pants falling down
then i saw a photographer squatting down amongst
a group of gyrating dancers
she was shooting them "Sports Illustrated swim suit style"
really going for the action
i almost gagged
why did this particular scene make me feel this way?
i'm trying to put my finger on it
i talked to a few of my friends for a bit in the dark
on the driveway
my friend Kenneth said he felt the same way
some others friends made cracks about the whole scene too
then the back-breaker came when some guy on the front steps
started wailing like an indie Robert Plant
to the click click click of the eager photographer
i had to leave or risk convulsing violently
so we split to hang out in a quiet bar
on Bryan Street
once we got there i felt fine
relaxed even
why did that scene at the party annoy me so much?
i'm still not sure
it just did...


Anonymous Cindy Chaffin said...

This. Post. Is. Gold. GOLD, I SAY!

4:28 PM  

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