Thursday, June 07, 2007


i have a friend who waited almost 30 years
to finally make his first record
it was a difficult thing to do
i won't go into the details
because they're personal
but it took a lot of guts
it wasn't made so he could become a pop star
it was made out of love for music
the record has a lot of good songs on it
it may or may not be your bag
it doesn't matter
it's a multi-textural
lovely record
and i'm proud of it

a local music blog has been drawing lots of attention
to itself
by pointlessly bashing this record
this is so absurd
it's not like it's the latest sony records release
with a 6 figure signing advance attached to it
it's been in the good records top 10
for the last month
a big whoop for a D.I.Y. indie release
but not a big whoop otherwise
i guess it's been reason enough to get the blog roaches interested
as the amount of bile
and jealousy
has been a bit staggering
of course all of it has come from "anonymous" commentators
like a bunch of cockroaches
hiding in the dark
it's so easy to hurl insults when no one knows who you are
it's the lowest form of cowardice
the second you shine a light in their direction
i guarantee they'll scatter

so for anyone still wondering why the dallas music scene
is barely a blip on the world radar
here's another fine example for you

even if melodic non-aggressive music is not your bag
it's hardly the kind of stuff to venomously rail against
like someone set your grandma on fire

i 'm just going to forget about it
so in case you're waiting for me to reply
to one of your insipid comments
keep on waiting
i'm not going back to that site
i won't have any idea how clever you are
at being an asshole

i enjoyed a beautiful day with my family
in the park
that's what i should have written about today
much more noteworthy than this


Blogger desiree anastasia said...

melodic non-aggressive music IS wonderful!

12:29 PM  
Blogger desiree anastasia said...

melodic non-aggressive music IS wonderful.

12:29 PM  

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