Monday, June 04, 2007

later with jools

i can't sleep
it's 2:30am
i'm exhausted
but my mind is on overdrive
i'm not sure why
i feel kind of revved up
and excited about things coming up on the horizon
there's no particular reason
i've just been feeling really good lately
and unusually positive
i just heard the sound of gavin's bedroom door opening
he usually sleepwalks right in to our room
around this time
every night
now i hear him saying something
i'd better go see what's up...

when i checked his room
gavin was sitting straight up in bed
he wanted "momma"
so i took him in to her
and somehow managed to step on something
in the dark
that slit open the bottom of my left
big toe
so now i'm bleeding
and typing this
i should probably go look for a friggin' band-aid
i'll be back...

i've got a nice little band-aid
on now
and my toe is throbbing
i wonder what this is gonna do for my insomnia
all i gotta say for now is
i've been watching a lot of later with jools holland
'cause we finally went HD here
(it's fantastic!!! amazing - i will watch anything now - no matter how boring)
it's cool jools is a mini celeb now in britain
i did love his ex-band a lot in the early '80s
squeeze's "eastside story"
is one of the best pop albums of all-time
"mumbo jumbo"
"woman's world"
even if you hate "tempted"
which i actually do
go buy this record!!!
although jools was gone by the time they made it
he has a lot of fine acts on his show
the good, the bad and the queen
with paul simonon
was one of my most recent faves
i highly recommend their new cd
if you don't already own it
"kingdom of doom" is in heavy rotation
on my ipod right now
like any music related show
later with jools holland also has their fair share of dodgy acts
acts that leave me scratching my head and wondering
"how on earth did THEY get on here??!!!???"
i've come to the conclusion that if they can
well then
why not me?
i think i'd like to be on later with jools
it's a new goal of mine
not conan
not carson ego
or jimmy kibbles n'bits
not big head leno
i'll take a trip to the UK
maybe ringo will turn up when i play?
i'm going to europe in the fall
i think i could work them into my schedule
what do you think?
why not, right?
i agree

now i need to get back to my insomnia...


Blogger Steve-O said...

Squeeze is the shizzle.

7:36 AM  

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