Saturday, August 01, 2009

Mohawk, Austin

our GPS miraculously guided us out and around downtown Houston
avoiding the rush hour congestion
we sailed along the Sam Houston tollway
and were at I-10 heading West within an hour
by 8:30 we were almost at our hotel
when the traffic ground to a halt
police cars and ambulances racing past
we sat there for about 10 minutes
we were so close
300 yards away from our exit
tired and hungry
then they started waving people through
there was no sign of anything
we have no idea what happened
after we got to the hotel and dropped our 7 miniatures bags off
we walked to the only restaurant we could see
other than Applebee's
it was a Tex-Mex place called Antonio's
L & L came to meet us there
Tejano music blasted over our voices
as we talked and inhaled our food
the food wasn't very good
it didn't matter
it was so good to see our friends
and be back in Austin
we rushed J and G back to the hotel
and then L & L drove me to Mohawk
we got there around 10
my head was spinning from our day at Nasa
the drive
lack of sleep
Kisses Cause Crashes were rocking out inside Mohawk
the first thing that struck me was the stifling heat
it wasn't just hot
it was f'n hot
it was jungle hot
it was HOT HOT HOT
a puny A.C. system loudly sputtered
two large fans blew the turgid air around
the devil was standing in the corner playing a lute
it was at least 100 degrees in there
we were on before i could even get my hot head into the mix
but it was a special moment
we blazed into "Western Hills"
and then raced through a sweat drenched set
the room was packed
lot's of people there to see us
craning there necks to see over the heads in front of them
the band was great
John and Jason thumping away
Joe Reyes smiling and singing
it felt like we'd been playing for years together
not just 3 shows
all the stress of the day melted away
"Be Here Now" worked on me
it did the trick
then "Stranger in My Own Skin" came along
and it was really good again
especially the ending
with Dufilho's steady drums
the band has been killing this one
on the last song we ripped into "A Way to Your Heart"
but i just wasn't feeling it
so after we hit the 1st chorus i shouted to the band
they did it right away
then i led them into "The World is Full of People..."
i felt reaaly good now...

Buttercup and the Deathray Davies came along afterwards
and delivered inspired and powerful sets
to a full house
our gang is in full swing now
we're coming to your town armed with guitars
not guns
spreading the word of peace and love
not hate and war
we're gonna find the ones who want to listen
one at a time
and bring them into our wonderful world of music

my friends have truly inspired me
thank you


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loved every bit of it. You are so magical!



5:07 AM  

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