Sunday, June 24, 2007

best of the beatles

it's been a beautiful
we've intentionally done very little today
i can't think of the last time
i did so little
for breakfast
jayme made migas
and blueberry muffins
they were delicious
then she even made me vanilla coffee
my favorite!!

we put teletubbies on for gavin
then went back to bed
and watched "reno 911"
what can i say?
it was stupid...
but amusing
it was nice just to lay around
and do nothing
after that jayme did some painting
and i did a bit of running in place

this wednesday night
at the granada theater

i'm playing a show with an ex-beatle
that's right
i'm not delusional
when i was a kid
i sure never thought i'd end up writing these words
ok, ok
so it's not paul
or even ringo
but pete best was a beatle once
that's something only 2 other people
in the whole world can say

it's gonna be fun
good weird fun
i'm very excited about the "historic" ramifications
of this gig
for me here in nourallahland
they are immense

come thursday night
i can finally say
as i point an old craggled finger
"sonny boy...
i once opened up for a beatle!!"


Anonymous tania said...

how freakin' awesome!
i am super proud and terribly excited for you, it is a fitting bill :)

7:32 AM  

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