Friday, June 15, 2007

still alive and kicking

don't worry
the cockroaches didn't get me
i've just been really busy
i'm sorry
i apologize for my absence
it's friday night and i'm looking forward
to 2 days off this weekend
i hope to have more time to write
if you're feeling bored tomorrow night
stop by the all-good
for some music
dave little
and then
you guessed it...
music starts around 8pm

i received some good news this past week
HBO's show the wire
decided to place my song
"don't be afraid"
in an upcoming fall episode
this is particularly cool
as it's the 1st european single
off of snowing in my heart
i also got my 1st 6 tour dates confirmed
and set a plan in motion
to have my friend's in siebeth
tour as my backing band
not only do i get to look forward to hanging out more
with siebeth martin and sonke
but also
we get to make a racket together!!
it's gonna be fantastic
tony sheridan and the silver beatles
look out!!
and speaking of tony...
i'm opeing for pete best at the granada
in two weeks
that's gonna be awesome too
i've got a lot of good shows coming up
and i should have the new cd in about 3 weeks
it'll put a period at the end of a 2 year sentence
i gotta go now
time to put G to bed

see you later!!


p.s. if you have a sec
please send out a thought for erik
lee's nephew
he's only a teenager
and is having a very dangerous surgery
on his spine


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's marvelous about the song on HBO!!! Congratulations!!

Have a great show tonight!!



5:47 AM  

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