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the full circle

we’re a peaceful gang that holds doors open for the ladies, tips big, and plays music all night long...

i'd stood in this room 17 years ago
August 22 1992
Whacky's, San Antonio
i watched a great SA band called 13
with a young John Dufilho on guitar
their leader Chris Smart
had taken a liking to the MF and we'd arranged
a couple of show swaps
bringing 13 to Dallas in exchange for shows in SA
Saturday August 1 2009
i was back again
now playing with my long time friend and ally John Dufilho
Chris Smart (looking not a day older)
stood in the middle of the crowd
arms folded
watching us
it was an almost surreal moment
as the disco ball spun and i sang "Stranger in My Own Skin"
but i never felt the ghosts of Moon Festival's past
i was caught up in the rapture of the moment
celebrating Buttercup's amazing cd
"the Weather Here"
and also celebrating the return of the Deathray Davies
now this place is called the Limelight
we played an inspired set to a large crowd of people
pushed up to the front of the stage
that had never heard my music before
they seemed to enjoy it
they smiled
and clapped loudly after the songs
they even bought lots of my cds afterwards
the DRD played another powerful and rocking set
the crowd whipped into a frenzy
Garner rolling over the toms like no one i've ever seen
Dufilho's buoyant stomp and clever catchy songs
the crowd jumped up and down and sang along loudly
the party was just getting started though
Buttercup took the stage around 12:30
this was their night
what we'd all been waiting for ever since last fall
when we first started talking about making this record
they delivered one of the most awe inspiring sets
i've ever witnessed in all my years
of playing and following music
i wanted to bottle the moment
and keep it with me the rest of my life
i stood in the middle of the heaving swaying crowd
and recorded their performance
my back started to hurt
i kept going
they did it all
slow and sad
fast and rocking
melody laden songs with interesting and complex words
no pretension whatsoever
a real and true connection to the audience
we're all in this together, right?
savour this moment - it's all you have
so many emotions coming from this wonderful band
they cover the whole spectrum just like the fab four did way back when
Erik's kind words about me
and how i helped them make their gorgeous record
truly floored me
to have had a hand in helping with their great music
was such an honor
i'm very lucky to have gotten a chance to work with such an incredible band
they played for almost two hours
"it's in the way"
"consensus chalice"
"i am a tiger"
"better no betta"
"always alcohol"
and by the end it was full on rock'n'roll mayhem
Dufilho and John A. joining them for a rousing "'68 Playmate"
a song so good i thought it was an obscure cover
the crowd went wild
with Chris on trombone
Joe banging on an ashtray
and Erik strutting his stuff
then they called me up to join the gang for the Talking Heads "Psycho Killer"
and everyone in the room sang along
it was so much fun
1000 times more fun the Whacky's in '92
this was a night i will remember the rest of my life

my friendship with John Dufilho has come full circle
from '92
to 2009
DRD's "Kick and the Snare" was the first real record i made at Pleasantry Lane
his support and belief in my abilities to produce music started the ball rolling
so that others would follow
he's gone out on a limb to support me countless times
then him and Jason Garner were part of my first backing band the Polaroids
which was a huge shot in the arm for my confidence as a "solo" artist
without Dufilho's introduction i would have most likely never met the guys in Buttercup
there's so many other things i could mention about all these wonderful friends of mine
but for now i'll just leave you with this thought

i love them all very much and i'm so glad that they have been part of my life


Blogger HMK said...

That truly was an amazing evening! Great job on the new buttercup and on the kick and the snare as well. You rock! John introduced me to you at Limelight and I had my daughter Brette with me. It was great to have her meet some of San Antonio's finest - we all go way back - I did the design on the 13 lp, helped Dufilho on the production art for his early bedwetter stuff as well as an even earlier band, The Radsoles he played drums in (he'll freak if you brought that up!). The singer from the Radsoles was Mitch Webb who's now got a band called The Swindles that includes the amazing Joe Reyes... Anyway, your set was awesome and I am officially a fan and you are one blessed mo-fo to be working with such amazingly talented and nice folks - just like you! Dufilho recently surprised me with a remix including Chris on trombone of a little surfesque song I did and sent him for my buddy Darren at Squirrel Records... Theme From Squirrel... Anyway, enough name dropping, love your music, your blog and everyone I've met from your gang!



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