Sunday, August 23, 2009

something's gonna change my life

a beautiful storm is brewing
change is in the air
a chapter of my life almost over
a new one about to begin
on wednesday our son goes off to school
it will be hard to let go
soon after that little baby N will arrive
no more days as a trio
sleep will become scarce
our house will get crowded
funny that we can't imagine things being any different
than they are now
but somewhere off on the horizon we'll look back
and not be able to imagine our family without
our precious daughter
change is taking place all around me
my natural tendency (like most)
is to not trust it
to be afraid
but i'm facing it
embracing it even

i played Hal Sample's SPACE for dc9
on Wednesday
Pete F. asked me to do something different
so i did
i played my little Guild MarkII from 1962
that i only sit and play around the house
it opened up a whole world i'd not previously presented to an audience
i could finger pick all these songs with ease that i shy away from
because it's too awkward on my jumbo Guild
i felt like a fool
to not have done this earlier
the old dog finally learned a new trick
i guess better late than never
"this soft existence"
"the beautiful noise"
"everybody wants to be loved"
all resurrected
and still more to come
the nourallah brother's "morning cigarette"
"missing you"
"the man who learned to love"
i feel like a whole world has opened up at my fingertips
that had been closed off

last night's house concert at Carla and Dean's
was wonderful
i took in every second of it
savoured it even
the hat of song titles dealt us some interesting twists
and turns
opening with a cover
the hollies "bus stop"
which in 20 years of performing i'd never done
then the hat told me to play "everybody wants to be loved"
i would have never chosen that next!!
i played for over 2 hours
and it still seemed like it was over in the blink of an eye
sad coming down from such a high
but today i have an afternoon to spend with J and G
our baby coming soon
(if you're listening baby N - anytime after Friday night's Bryan St. show!!!)
we're looking forward ot meeting you
we love you already
see you soon...


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