Saturday, August 29, 2009


sitting in my studio today
a feeling of contentment washed over me
the Rain Horses are gonna be here soon
to lay down some dreamy soundscapes
i'm lucky to be spending a Saturday afternoon
working on good music
with nice people
i even get paid afterwards
last night's gig at Bryan Street
was an unqualified success
tons of people in the club
i totally dug the vibe of the room
with the christmas lights and carpet
I Love Math was great
Buttercup superb
we sang each others songs
and our own too
on "Saint Georges" we transcended
"Stranger in my Own Skin" was fantastic as well
baby N politely waited for me to get through this one
she's a good little girl already
i panicked a little when i noticed Jayme's missed call at 1:30
all was ok though she just missed me
tomorrow it's Gavin and Dada day
we're gonna spend the whole day doing only what he wants
no work for me
no computer
all G all day
he's got it all planned out
some wrestling
some candyland
soccer practice
a walk
we'll see what else too
so for now no more shows until October
i'll be back with Rhett to celebrate Lennon's birthday in Austin
on the 9th
it's already shaping up to be a hectic fall
baby N's imminent arrival
lots of shows
lots of recording
thank you for following along and supporting us
it means a lot to me




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