Sunday, October 25, 2009

anonymous cockroach

i'm just a guy who writes songs
and sings them
i love my family
and my friends
i love music
and this life
i try to be a good person
i think i can honestly say i treat others the way i wish to be treated
i've never beat anyone up
or shot anyone
i don't like guns or violence
or using violent words
i don't rip people off
or steal from charities
i'm not a boozer or user or sex fiend abuser
i'm interested in peace
and love and human kindness
i'm really happy too
i feel so lucky everyday to have Jayme and Gavin and Miette
i don't have an axe to grind with anyone and i adore this life we have
(so does that bother you?)
yes, YOU anonymous cockroach
who keeps sending me hate messages
do you have any clue how ridiculous and deranged you are?
(of course not...what a silly question)
you quote my own songs too
a nice pitiful touch
how weird that you know me so well
that you've listened to my music carefully enough to quote it
not a surprise who it could be
it's a vry short list
you're not even clever enough to disguise yourself
so i'm wondering aloud now...
can't you find someone else more deserving to direct your bile at?
really - am i the very best you can do?
may i suggest you become obsessed with hating someone a bit more diabolical than me
possibly a dictator of a third world country
or the evil greedy head of a crooked corporation
or even better...any one of the countless murders
rapist or hooligans they parade on the five o'clock news each night
if you prefer to stick to the entertainment biz
how about Paris Hilton or Simon Cowell or Gene Simmons
there you go...Google them all and have at it!!!
it's absurd to continue to waste your time on peaceful happy me
if you're sad and angry
i'm sorry
it's not my fault
you got there long before you met me

it's a beautiful day
i wanna spend it free and clear of any thoughts of you
or your kind
you should spend it free and clear of any thoughts of me
or my kind too
don't keep trolling this blog looking for ammo
it's for my friends and comrades
not you

so here it is again (in case you missed it the first time!!)
all i wanna do is be a good father to my children
and a good husband to my wife
and try to make some good music
live a good, decent life and treat people fairly and kindly
that's all i wanna do
so leave me in peace please
go pester someone else (if that's what you've gotta do)
if you still insist on sending me more hateful comments
i promise you
i will continue to not post 'em
i will delete them

so farewell my sad, misguided cockroach
may you find love and happiness somewhere the lights don't shine!!

p.s. you attack my friends 'cause you've got nothing on me?
beyond pitiful - you are even more pathetic than i imagined
are you going to drag Carter into this next you dung roach

i already know who you are, by the way
when the lights come on what do roaches do?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't mean this to be "hateful" bro. Just stating facts. Accusing someone of murder.... now THAT"S hateful.

8:45 AM  
Blogger salim nourallah said...

i am completely baffled by your murder comment - what on earth are you talking about?

8:49 AM  

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