Saturday, October 03, 2009

wild life

we've been in the baby bunker
and on the baby roller coaster
these past few weeks
up and down
and all around
we've had some great days and tons of beautiful moments
and then a few bad ones too
mostly it's been good though
Miette is peaceful and adorable
and gaining weight rapidly
the doctor asked last Monday
"what are you feeding this baby? cream?!!?"
she has acid reflux though which has kept her (and us) up a lot
she's uncomfortable most of the time
although she rarely cries
she sort of grunts and makes weird sounds all night
we wish we could help relieve her discomfort
it sucks to see her gritching around in agony
we feel helpless
Jayme's not getting enough sleep
she's super-mom
but it's gonna take a toll on her health
i worry about her
on Tuesday Miette will be a month old
it's already sped by too fast

i'm trying to get my head 'round the idea of playing again next week
i've been enjoying this soft domestic existence
i feel like it's been a year
not just 4 weeks
since i last plugged in and played
well at least i've got 3 great shows lined up for my "comeback"
Tuesday for the Vickery association block party
our 3rd year in a row playing this
and it couldn't be any more convenient
it's only 2 blocks from my house!!
Friday we're at Antone's in Austin
opening for Rhett Miller with the Dufilhos
Saturday i race to the outskirts of Ft. Worth
for Jayson and Sarah's wedding
then to Dallas for House of Blues with Rhett
i feel like i'm needed here to take of my girls
it makes me feel lucky that it's only one crazy weekend
i have in store
and not a string of many weekends
that will take me away from my family

i've been watching old McCartney interviews on YouTube all week
i'm not sure why
maybe because i've been thinking about the clock ticking?
he was so grounded
dedicated to his family
a real role-model to me for sure
i've been trying to zero in on exactly when he became weird
i think it was right around the time Linda died in '98
he aged 10 years in the span of just a few
i guess losing your wife can do that
it's so tragic
so sad
after she died
i've had a hard time watching him since
he doesn't seem secure and at peace
like he was when she was still alive
though i do think the recent Chaos and Creation is a phenomenal record
and one of his best solo records for sure

today i will spend most of it working in the cave
i will miss my family terribly
i will wish i could spend it with them instead
the weather is perfect
i wanted to be there with them
having fun
playing outside
not stuck in here
i saw my son only half an hour yesterday
it broke my heart
i have to make some money though, right?
so is life...


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