Saturday, July 21, 2007

art show

thursday night we had a party

it was jayme's first art showing
at the magnolia gallery
i was so proud of her
her paintings looked awesome
she was beautiful
so nervous
and humble
worried that no one would like them
but everyone did
(see photo)
gavin was twittering with anticipation
all day
"when is the party daadaa? now? is it now?"
he wanted to wear his "el catzu" shirt
and blue pinstriped blazer
with yellow and green rain boots
it was quite an ensemble
lemme tell you...

jayme had a fabulous spread prepared
like only she could do
pink cupcakes with little plastic kids on top
juice boxes
bologna mini sandwiches
and an assortment of obscure retro kid candies
the food theme matching her art theme
it was awesome

her works will be hanging at the magnolia for a month
so if you happen to be in the neighbourhood
go check 'em out
i guarantee it'll be worth the trip

we have lots to celebrate this weekend
the success of jayme's show #1
friday "snowing in my heart" was released in europe
i found out this week it looks like i'm going to be recording
and producing the next cd
for one of the most successful (and best) bands to ever come from dallas
i'm beyond excited
i can barely sleep at night

i took a half day off today
thanks to r.r.
we "adopted" our niece jessica
for the weekend
we took her and G to his favorite lunching place
pot belly's
then we went to the splash park
i feel so relaxed
and content
it's absurd

tonight my friends the cut-off are at barley
i think i might pay them a visit

i hope you're enjoying your weekend too




Blogger grace vroom said...

1. i wish so badly that i could have seen gavin's outfit. the first place i go when i get back in town will be the magnolia.
3. the cut-off are getting better and better and better and better...i love them.

7:55 PM  

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