Saturday, July 07, 2007

the upside down

triple lucky 7?

early this morning/late last night
i booked the flights
to europe
i'm beyond excited
in fact
i was so revved up
i couldn't sleep much
ever since we'd gotten back
last year
i'd been looking forward to going back
and seeing my friends
and the rest of my german/swiss friends
the rolling german countryside
the castles
and pretzels
frothy beers (just kidding)
the fast black sedans
to travel
and play my music
and spend time with my family
this is the life i always dreamt of
i feel so lucky...

this time around
and sonke
have agreed to be my backing band
for part of the tour
it's going to be outrageous fun
and also a bit of relief
from the pressure of solo acoustic shows

paris might also be in the cards
i've never been
(except when i was 3)
so i'm pretty excited about that
i gotta work my tail off now
for the next couple of months
so that when we go
i can breathe easy
knowing that all the bills are paid

the nourallah brothers reunion
that i failed to mention here
lasted about 48 hours
we've honed breaking up to a scientific level of precision
2007 was gonna be our year
the plans were made
the deal inked
the lawyers fired
and then....
whaaa happen lucy????

i can't really go in to the details
maybe you'll see then in this week's enquirer
or star
next to "brittany attacked my triple amputee"
i guess it just wasn't in the cards
looks like no rocky balboa comeback for the N brothers
i do know i'm not making my next record the same way
as "snowing"
although i'm happy with the end results of S.I.M.H.
it feels like it's time for a shake up
i want to do something radically different next time
don't worry
i'm not gonna start playing reggae music
or rapping
i just feel like standing this method
of making records
that i've become comfortable with
on it's head


Blogger grace vroom said...

geez, i feel like you just got back from your last trip to germany. i can't wait to read about your travels all over again, though. they provide lots of excitement for everyday blogreaders like myself!

8:26 PM  

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