Tuesday, July 10, 2007


gavin has a new obsession
ex-pulp leader
jarvis cocker
for starters
he calls him "charmis"
i can't go 3 minutes in the car
without a request from the backseat
to play charmis
"don't let him waste your time is my favorite song dadda!"
if i try and listen to something else
gavin will keep repeating
"charmis - dadda - charmis - play charmis please dadda"
i would have to be heartless to not give in
to his pleas
"play it LOUD dadda"
so then we have listen to
"don't let him..."
"black magic"
and "heavy weather"
in succession
over and over again
no skipping
he's recently made the keen observation
that charmis and i share the same taste
in eyewear
so he politely asks me for my glasses
so that he can stand like charmis does
on the front cover
i've included a pic
for your amusement
last night i was thrilled to see
that later with jools holland
was having jarvis on as a guest
i couldn't wait to see how G would react
to seeing his new musical hero
come to life on the big screen
this morning i told him
i had a "special treat" for him
the "special treat" is usually some sort of candy
so he was very confused when i revealed charmis
on TV as the "treat"
but he instantly got down to a serious thumb suck
as he watched charmis lay down his moves
and grooves
including a marvelous spanking of his own bottom
which gavin fully appreciated
as he is also currently very interested in


Anonymous bucks burnett said...

Go, Gavin! I'm a huge Jarvis fan and LOVE his new album. Uncle Bucks.

3:35 AM  
Blogger Cindy said...

Gavin = Brilliant!


11:36 AM  

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