Monday, July 30, 2007

dream weekend

it was a dream weekend
one of the best i've had
in a long time

we kicked it off friday night
with a fantastic show
at sons of hermann hall
i'd had a rough week
sick in bed tuesday and wednesday
still feeling lousy and tired friday
but it all disappeared once that first chord hit
it felt GREAT to be playing music
and i enjoyed myself thoroughly
even though my voice was a bit ragged
i kinda liked how it unravelled
the audience was great
smiling and singing along
the sound was onstage very nice too
i guess the freshly dubbed
"nourallah alliance"
was in full tilt
i felt like a proud pappa
watching jd and johnny
this is the way all shows should be

saturday we spent the whole day celebrating
lisa's birthday
it started with breakfast at breadwinners
although i gotta say
at first i was a little uncomfortable there
the crowd looking a little too big D perfect
for me
but after we got our cozy little table
in the corner
and a really nice waiter
who even brought us a pastry on the house
i felt good
and the food was amazing
no wonder all those people
were eating there

after that we took lisa on a surprise visit
to kwik E mart on northwest highway
if you haven't been there already
it's all decked out like it is in the simpsons cartoons
lisa and jayme are avid fans
so they were loving it
right down to the boxes of krusty o's and buzz cola
i really enjoyed seeing how happy it made them

the simpson's movie was up next
i enjoyed it
but i must admit
i fell asleep in the middle of it

we had dinner at chuy's with G
he danced to the clash
in a red vinyl booth in the elvis room
sun setting to our right
dusk streaming in through the windows
the food was great
it was a beautiful moment for me

we also re-visited the magnolia
and all of jayme's fab paintings
it was nice to look at them all again
and see how happy they made lisa and lee

today was an idyllic way to end the weekend
we had breakfast with L and L
jayme made pancakes and eggs
G went crazy over the fake bacon
it even surpassed his interest in pancakes
after we said our goodbyes to L and L
we spent the rest of day working on domestic projects
we'd been meaning to get to but hadn't time to do
for example
cleaning all the windows in our house (inside and out)
i know
extremely glamorous
and very "show-biz" of us


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A dream weekend, indeed!
Thank you so much for everything y'all did to make it so special.

We can't wait for the cd release show weekend!


10:49 AM  

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