Sunday, December 23, 2007

tis the season

i'm feeling really good this christmas
loads of gifts under our tree
for our son and other loved ones
i had a pretty good year in the work department
my best ever
so i feel lucky
and very grateful
it's nice not to have to worry as much about
giving and spending this time of year
i'm pretty sure if jayme ever needs a job
she could hitch a ride to the northpole
and be a professional elf in a sec
i've never seen anyone with gifting skills
like this momma
not a bow
or package
outta place
all the gifts under our doctor seussesque tree
it's like a work of art
trust me

i'm committed to having an awesome and peaceful christmas
with gavin
no family disease is gonna bring me down this year
if someone's got a problem with me
that's their problem
not mine
i'm happy as a clam
no bones to pick
my son is 4 and 1/2 and ready to rumble
come christmas day
i cannot wait to share the moment with him
it's all about seeing how happy this time makes the kids
as far as i'm concerned
all the bah-humbug types
can kiss my jingle bells
they were kids once too
do they remember?
and this time of year
many years ago
we all shared christmas with our families
and it was as good as life ever got
at least for me
was it for you?

i know these are the best days
the days i will (hopefully) remember
when i'm old and gray
i'm gonna try and enjoy every last drop

i hope all of you have a great week too
enjoy the time off
enjoy your families and loved ones
we all have some dysfunction running around
in our relative's clothes
but don't let it bring you down
ignore 'em when they bark!!!
love 'em when they're silent and polite!!!



Tuesday, December 18, 2007

almost new year

i'm playing my last show of 2007
on thursday night
it feels like my new year's eve celebration
just a bit early
i'm already looking back over this past year
so much happened
it's already mostly a blur
what will i remember about this past year
when i'm old and grey?
all of jayme's paintings
and art shows
snowing in my heart
flat people
G accepting best producer
the snowing cd release show
and YOU singing along
flight of the conchords
pete best
goodbye nourallah brothers
losing carter
casa buskies
the rastatte
cafe nun
the reeperbahn
the nourallah that could've been
the studio renovation
rhett murry ken and philip
the old 97's party
disneyland with the osbornes
losing chester okerblom
art conspiracy 3

plenty of highs
low lows
just like life

i hope all of you have a merry christmas
or merry whatever you want to celebrate
a happy new year

at least we're all still here

wishing you lots of love
(and peace)