Monday, January 14, 2008

you gotta love this life

i had a fantastic weekend

spent friday night with my friends
the cut-off
we're almost done with their amazing cd
worked on "dull to numb"
the last cut
then we went down to dada
at 1am
to see the chemistry set's last performance
steve and meri (my 2 ex-polaroids)
are leaving dallas too
said goodbye to ward williams thursday
so sad that this city wasn't able to keep
them here
they will both be sorely missed
not only by me
but by our entire music community
they were brilliant friday night
and their grand finale
when they went from "tyranny of the urgent"
into one of my favorite beatle
songs of all-time
"happiness is a warm gun"
was jaw-dropping

saturday i worked with the black tie dynasty
my first time ever
and i gotta say
i was blown away
these guys should be famous
their tunes are still swimming around in my head
and a nicer bunch of guys you will never find
we stopped at 7
then 45 minutes later i was at bend
for my show with chris holt
bobby g. from the flat people opened
he was stellar
vanessa p. and manuel next
they were superb too
i felt like a proud papa
'cause they all made their cds with me
then chris and i proceeded to have one of the best shows
we've ever had
it was almost sold out
which made us feel really good
and the audience was right there with us
the entire time
through every twist and turn
and D minor diminished
we laughed
some cried
they clapped their hands
sang along
we had an extended "1978"
with "sha-la-la-la's" over and over
from my audience back up singers
while i rambled on about daddies' deisel cadillac
and my algerian cousins
i was higher than a kite afterwards
drugs are for fools kids
try a slice of life
when it's as good as this
it'll get you hi, hi, hi

sunday morning
i got up and raced to get the taquitos
(not tequila)
and made it just in the nick of time
they were fabulous
then i took G money to the grandparent's house
jayme and i spent the whole day working on my big
new year's project
the mother of all rock'n'roll memorabilia
by taking all my articles
musical momentos
etc. that i've been throwing into this large
green box
for the past 4 years
and organizing them into something
that maybe my son can apreciate
years from now
we had fun
i felt like a kid
working on this silly project
we're still not done after 10 hours of work
but it's looking pretty sweet

at 7 i went and got G
then we went out to our favorite tex mex restaurant
after a nice meal we did some late night kroger action
came home
put G to bed
then watched superbad
it was stoopid
but funny

i couldn't be happier
i love this life
i love jayme and gavin so much
i couldn't dream up a better one
than what i have now

i hope you all are doing ok too



Saturday, January 05, 2008

it's a rap

i'm all keyed up
and restless
at 6:45 in the morning
maybe because we finished the old 97s record tonight
we've only been working on this
since october
i say finished
but there are probably some tweaks
and twiddles still to come
for all intents
and purposes
it's done
so i'm feeling a bit
but also dis-oriented
giving the band
"final mixes" felt good
i think we did some really good work
everyone involved did an awesome job
it was one of the best experiences
i've ever had making a record

this morning my head is racing
and spinning
with all the things i want to do in this new year
finish the cut-off record
last ones on earth
carter's record
go to austin
and make #4 with billy harvey
play more shows with the noise
go to europe again
on and on and on
etc. etc. etc.
yet as all these thoughts clobber
and crowd my psyche
i feel worn out
i want to take a vacation
that doesn't involve playing gigs
answering emails
or phones
or juggling calendars
maybe a rest should go to the top of the list?
i know it would do jayme even more good
than me

i have a precious day to spend with my son
so i'm going to try and go back to bed now
and get a couple more hours of sleep
i'd like to be able to enjoy my time with him
it promises to be a beautiful
sunny and 72 day
i'm going to try and not think about anything
other than having a nice day
with my 4 year old son

wish me luck....