Sunday, March 29, 2009

Constellation cd release show

last night these people made the Constellation cd release show
my favorite one yet
(hands down)
thank you!!

the Monco Poncho brought their own brand of spaghetti western
surf-a-billy at 9
with a ton of rabid fans shooting off pop guns
Nick and Joe have been coming to my shows for over 10 years
it was awesome to see my friends up there playing
in a great band - our first show together and hopefully the first of many more to come!

Vanessa Peters and her band sounded amazing
the best soundguy in texas (and possibly America - Kevin Brown)
had it cooking out front
like a loud stereo - exactly the way i love the Sons to sound
the Guomo kept the sweater vest on the whole set
while he grooved the drums (i love watching this guy play!)
Manuel Schicchi was excellent as always (on lead guitar)
they're a great bunch of players and beautiful people to boot
i was so proud of VP and I.C.O.S. as they played a super solid set of the best
songs off of the 2 records Rip and i have produced
it was magnificent!

Buttercup had come all the way from San Antonio for this
they played many of my faves
"Always Alcohol" "I Am A Tiger" (with hilarious intro by Erik)
"and now we'll perform the best song in a motion picture by Phil Collins!!!"
"Consensus Chalice" was also superb
rollicking and gentle
serious and hysterical
Erik and the B-boys put on another astounding set
to have talented and wonderful friends like this to come celebrate this release with me
well - i was truly blown away

the Constellations worked so hard to get ready for this night
and they all sounded picture perfect
performing all of these songs that were created (not necessarily to play live)
has been no small feat
but they pulled it off seamlessly
Richard's evocative piano on "Endless Dream Days"
Chris and Eric's superb vocals on "Saint Georges" "Love is all Around"
and "Pictures Collected"
TJ's disco drums re-working of "Pictures"
we played 10 in a row off of a new record few have heard
yet the audience stayed with us
we finished the Constellation set off with "Saint Georges" (for Grace, of course!)
then went into some of the "oldies"
"the world is full of people"
"so down"
up front there was a full on party taking place
people jumping up and down
pumping fists up in the air arena rock style on "erased"
that inspired me to re-visit my El Paso/Journey epilogue
we finished it all off with "don't be afraid"
and more singing from the crowd than i'd ever heard on that one
then Stu Dcious and Arian (in a white jump suit) started yelling
"she'd walk a mile!!!!!!!!!!"
so we played it
then played "i'll be around" for bop-a-lena
i didn't want it to come to a close
i was having so much fun

i wanted to send a special thank you to these people:
jayson, kyle, amber and rest of the cut-off gang
michael and mary pottter
dean and carla
john d.
owen obel
cody lyson
rip and gavyn
megan c. and caroline s.
jeremy moore
john lefler
mark landson
miriam and kenny
jacques and ginger
debbie b.
mike snider (for helping make this wonderful night happen!)
and jayme (not only for sitting at the merch table for 7 hours last night but for always being there for me with love and kindness)

i love you all!!!


Saturday, March 21, 2009

the sun funeral

antigua heat
stifling me
stranded and wounded and thirsty

dropped by the gun
while vultures and sun
patiently hang 'till i'm done last vision of her beauty comes.....

her brown Spanish skin
her black Spanish eyes
that knew every time that i lied

the soft, cotton sheets
mimosa breeze
her candlelit house of adobe

.....the white dress that she wore just for me.....

when hummingbirds whispered so happily
we were young and alive and carefree
the sun and the moon bowed down at our feet
'till we found it was all mercury
just mercury

some things we hold
and then we let go
to flicker and fade in the distance

as days pass us by
years at a time
amnesia denies their existence

.....'till that moment when everything ends.....

when hummingbirds whispered so happily
we were young and alive and carefree
the sun and the moon bowed down at our feet
'till we found it was all mercury

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

this is not poetry

it's a beautiful sunny warm tuesday morning
sun streaming in over my right shoulder
J and G are sleeping peacefully
the refrigerator gently humming
i'm eating my cereal
cinnamon harvest with some blackberries on top
it's really good
i'm gonna go for a run when i'm done
i feel great
healthy and happy
content as can be in this soft little existence of ours
sorry i've been away for so long
too much going on
and not enough time to write!

i'm gonna be a daddy again
i feel good about it
not afraid
like i was at first
we're going to have a girl
we're talking names already
______ your suggestion?
things have already been a little difficult
but we'll make it through
and it'll be worth it
jayme is feeling better but still not 100%
i worry about her
she doesn't know when to stop working sometimes
she's tough and feisty just like my grandmother edna severs was

i've been practicing more than ever with the constellations
trying to get ready for the cd release on the 28th
i've ordered my first pedal board from kangaroo
got this amazing empress tremelo eric suggested
plus an avalon U5 to make my acoustic guitar sound FAT
last night chris eric and i had a vocal practice
our 1st in 4 years
it was fun
we're gonna try it all out tomorrow night at barley
for a show/live rehearsal
we're also bringing back a few surprise "oldies"
you'll have ot wait for the show for that!

ok - the sound of G coming my way
has now prematurely ended this return blog!
i promise to be back sooner than later