Sunday, February 07, 2010

the positive response to my pledge music drive
has been overwhelming
74% there
and not even at the halfway mark
it's gotten me writing like crazy
the songs pouring out with ease
it's inspiring to know i might get another crack
at making a record
the wheels are turning
then plans
the adrenalin rush of creation
some of the new titles include
"miette" for my precious little crumb
"tokens of your cruelty" - inspired by a great line Jayme came up with
"my job is leaving" - a song for a man who doesn't work in his backyard!

i spent a lot of time this past week
working on "the bootleg anthology" for the pledge drive
4 dvds and 2 cds of unreleased stuff
best of video salim
live at good records 7/25/07
10 years in SPACE
rudyard's 7/30/08
the Constellation demos
from the songwriting tapes

it's been fun quickly designing the artwork
and putting them all together
i want you guys to really enjoy them
i'm taking care in their creation
the next step is to go to Crystal Clear and see if they can
press up a few in bulk for me

i just finished P. Carlin's book on McCartney
the recounting of Linda's final days
was particularly touching
it made me feel really sad for Paul and his kids
we're all very lucky to still be here

soak this day in
it's beautiful